Planetary Mixer with double tool and removable bowl for the production of dough forsemi-industrial and industrial pastries: airy texture creams, plum cakes, short pastry, almond paste, sponge cake, deposited and extruded biscuits, baked goods ingeneral.

PM-DB - Movement of tools with classic planetary rotation
- “Bridge” metal structure
- The bowl can be cooled and/or heatedduring the processing of the products
- The machine can stir the mixture withpositive and/or negative pressure

The machinery is OIL FREE. This feature improves hygiene and reduces machine maintenance.
Our mixer can be supplied with a complete range of tools for different uses and doughs/ injection of hot air (to help dissolve certainingredients) and cold air / hopper for loading ingredients /automatic ingredient loading system / flanged opening on tool cup / touch-screen and recipe memorization as standard equipment / CIP washing system.


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