The MW-line is a range of mixers with removable bowl and double mixing tool. The bowl transmission for these machines is available in two versions: with the patented taper bowl locking and motion system or the traditional system with clamps and double friction wheel. Compared to other mixing systems, these machines offer essential advantages with regard to dough quality:

» Rapid homogeneous blending of all ingredients is followed by intensive kneading (dough-friendly)
» Higher hourly output rates due to short kneading cycle
» Perfect solution for high hydration dough
» Perfect solution for stiff and hard dough
Suitable for all types of doughs(bread / biscuits / patisserie):
» Wheat flour
» Rye flour
» Wholemeal
» Delicate dough or doughs with fruit
» Cracker or yeast doughs with high levelsof fat and sugar
» It is also possible to mix fat creams andother fillings such as chocolate, nougatand truffle fillings

The mixer can be equipped with a touch screenand speed control for the tools and the bowl(VDS-Vario Drive System).The tool transmission is OIL FREE.
The touch-screen control system makes it possibleto monitor preventive maintenance work by meansof integrated instructions in the system itself.


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